Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally

September 22, 2021 6:15pm

Address: West Campus, 4317 Barnett Road, Wichita Falls, TX US 76310

Contact: Gary OhmstedeGary Ohmstede

Living intentionally: Life on mission for the Gospel 

Teacher: Gary Ohmstede
Room 122 @ West Campus 6:15pm

3, 21, 84, 1092….. 3 meals a day = 22 meals a week = 84 meals per month = 1092 meals per year. Based on the average persons life 728 of those meals are shared with someone else. What do we talk about? How do we encourage those we choose to sit down and eat with? In this 6 week study we will look at the way Jesus chose to spend his time breaking bread with those he walked life with, those he interacted with and those He came to save! We will look at 6 practical ways we can model this in our everyday life and challenge one another to respond to live intentionally each day while spreading the Gospel of Christ to those around us. 

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