The entrance to the Museum is on the Northwest side of The Hill.
Open regularly MWF 10am-2pm

Historical Museum Open House

October 18th - 22nd from 9am - 4pm

Come view our Historical Museum that our volunteers have worked so hard to collect, catalog, and display the nearly 150 year history of First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls and the impact it has had for Christ Jesus.

The First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls has been in existence since 1883. We will never how the lives of thousands have been affected through the outreach of this church. Our history has been rich and we wanted to share these records and artifacts with you, to get a glimpse of this history.  That is how the Historical Museum began. We can look at these bits and pieces of the past and be reminded that it is God who has brought us this far.  It is He who has blessed us richly.

Appointment for viewing can be made by contacting Pam Sparks at 940.723.2764 or

Dale Dodson

History Ministry Team


Museum curator 


I started on the History Ministry Team 12 or 14 years ago. The more that I found out about our church history, the more I was convinced that others would also find it interesting. So I ,with the help of many others, started organizing and documenting files, and assembled this museum.