Please sign-up on the link below if you would like to be on the waiting list. 
Note:  Deposit is required.  You will be fully refunded if you do not get to go on this trip.

Cost will be per person as shown below in the Package Pricing.  This includes Lodging, Shows, Meals, Taxes & Gratuities, Chartered Bus and Driver.  

Price is based on minimum of 50 people attending this trip.
Package Pricing is PER PERSON based on adult occupancy which includes Lodging and Branson Itinerary.

          Total Due        Deposit     Balance After Deposit
Single:   $ 1,169        $300         $869      Single (1 adult / 2 Queen beds)
Double:  $    899        $300         $599      Double (2 adults / 2 Queen Beds)
Triple:    $     895        $300         $595      Triple (3 adults / 2 Queen Beds)
Quad:    $     864        $300         $564      Quad  (4 adults / 2 Queen Beds)

Deposit of $300 is due June 4.  Balance is due September 7.
Deposit is non-refundable after August 1, 2023.


Make your deposit & payment at the Event Centers on Sundays or Church Office during the week.

Optional cancellation Protection Plan is available for $19.95 per person (Protection Plan is non-refundable due at final payment deadline, September 7).
If the cancellation insurance is purchased for $19.95 per person (non-refundable due at final payment deadline) you may cancel the Friday before the trip (October 13 before 5:00 PM) to get a refund for the trip minus Chartered Bus Fee of $155 per person.

For more information, contact Randy Osborn OR Angela Bills at 940-723-2764 ext. 2062 or ext. 2050.