First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

Common Questions about Baptism

1. What is baptism?

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision. It’s a person publicly declaring how Jesus changed their life. Being baptized is showing others that you’ve decided to follow Jesus, and it allows them to celebrate this decision with you (Acts 16:31-34).

Baptism doesn’t save a person; it’s a symbol and celebration of salvation (1 Peter 3:21). The power that brought Jesus back to life is the same power Jesus uses to change our lives – and that’s worth getting excited about!

2. Why should I be baptized?

Jesus instructs everyone who has given their life to him to be baptized. He even set the example by being baptized himself (Matthew 28:19-20Mark 1:9). Being baptized is being obedient to what Jesus has asked us to do(1 John 2:3). Because Jesus went public about His love for us, we can go public about our love for Him. Being baptized shows that we turn away from a life of sin toward Jesus, the only one who can change us (Acts 2:38-41).

3. When should I be baptized?

For everyone who decides to follow Jesus, baptism is the next step. Anyone who gives their life to Jesus and becomes a Christian is ready to be baptized (Acts 8:12). It should be our first step as followers of Jesus. Baptism always should come after a person has decided to follow Jesus in their lives. 

4. Do you baptize children?

We believe that baptism comes after a person’s decision to trust Jesus for his or her salvation and commitment to follow Him (Acts 10:47-48). At First Baptist, we wait until children are old enough to express their own decision to follow Jesus and understand the meaning of baptism. This means we do not baptize children or adults until after they have made the decision to follow Jesus with their life. 
For more information see our beliefs on baptism of children grades 5 and younger.

5. What’s the difference between immersing, sprinkling and other ways of baptizing?

Baptisms in the Bible were by immersion. The original word for baptism most often referred to being immersed or submerged in water. Jesus was baptized by being immersed in the water and rising out of it (Matthew 3:16Mark 1:10).

Submersion in the water symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Being submersed underwater represents our death to sin and old way of life, and being raised out of the water is a picture of how Jesus raised us and gave us a fresh start in life (Romans 6:3-5).

6. Do I need to be baptized again?

If you haven’t been baptized by immersion after you decided to follow Jesus, we want to help you take your next step of being baptized. Once you’ve taken that step, there’s no need to be baptized again.

God never asks us to take a next step that isn’t good for us. He always gives us more than we deserve or can imagine, including the joy we receive from listening to Him and doing what He says.