First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

About Us

Our Mission at the Church at Fort Sill is to "serve those who serve."

We describe the overall mission of every aspect of FBCWF, including the Church at Fort Sill, through our "Church in 3D" theme.

No, we're not trying to tie-in with the latest electronic viewing experience. 
We believe church should be lived out in "3D".

It works like this:

The first "D" is - "Decision". We believe all mankind is born with a need, a need to be reunited with the One who made us - God. Sin separates everyone who does not know God's Son, Jesus, as their Savior from their heavenly Father. The first "D", then, stands for making the decision to accept Jesus Christ. We want to help people come to the place in their lives where they make that "decision." Each service at the Church at Fort Sill will provide an opportunity for folks to come forward and meet someone who can share with them how to accept Christ as Savior.

But having made that "decision" is only the first step.

The second "D" is - "Development". We know that a person can only grow and achieve when they experience "development" in a particular area or skill. The same is true for our relationships with God. We grow in understanding of Him, His will for our lives and where we fit in to His big picture when we have "development" opportunities. Our services each week are designed to provide theses "development" opportunities for growth as we study God’s Word together and sing songs that help us focus on Him. Other opportunities are provided for development such as our LIFE groups at Home and Bible Studies throughout the week. Click here for more information about our LIFE groups at Home.

The third "D" describes the people who have helped to make the Church at Fort Sill possible - its "Deployment". We started the Church at Fort Sill with a "core team" of more than 10 volunteers from our downtown campus. They, along with our staff and others, worked countless hours to prepare not only the physical building but their hearts to welcome people to this church. "Deployment" takes our "decision" to accept Christ and our "development" in that Christian walk and puts boots on the ground though "deployment" to help others.

It's not just heart (decision) and head (development); the whole package involves hands (deployment) as well. We want to see everyone involved in finding a place where they may serve others.

By bringing the FBCWF Sunday morning experience to our location in Lawton, OK, we hope to encourage those who are serving and living in the area. 
We know military personnel and their families sacrifice a great deal.

You're the reason we're here.

If we can pray for you, especially during those special times like deployment, testing and personal loss, we are ready. Your prayer requests will be kept in confidence and will be prayed for by both staff and our core team of volunteers. You may share your name with us or share your prayer request anonymously.

We have a team of dedicated people who are standing at the ready - to welcome you and your family, to help you feel at home and to encourage you as you serve and protect our country.

If we can be of any assistance to you and your family please don't hesitate to let us know.

We hope you'll join us in living life in "3D" here at the Church at Fort Sill.