First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX


At Church at Fort Sill, your baptism will be accompanied by a short 20-30 second testimony that will be presented before your baptism. It will be presented by one of our pastors. This will be an opportunity for you to share when and how you turned your life over to Jesus Christ. You can also thank family, friends and others who might have been instrumental in your decision.

In order for us to prepare this testimony we have provided a few questions. Our pastors will then take this information to prepare your testimony. If you are a teenager or adult, you should complete this information yourself. Mom or dad, if your child is being baptized, you can help them answer these questions. 


First name
Last name
Phone number
What was your life like before you were a Christ-follower?
When and how did you come to faith in Jesus Christ? (Use a specific date if you can. What did you pray or talk about? Who did you speak with and why?)
Were there any special or interesting circumstance surrounding your decision you would like to share? (Medical condition? Family crisis? A unique place or time? Something that God showed you?)
How is your life different now that you are a follower of Christ?
Is there anyone who helped you begin a relationship with Christ you would like to thank. (Friends, mom or dad, a minister or pastor? This is optional)
What date would you like to be baptized?