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FAQ's for Guests

This page contains some of the most frequently asked questions about First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls. Choose a question below to view the answer. 

What makes First Baptist unique?
If I want to talk to a minister, who do I contact?
Why is church attendance and membership important? 
Why is baptism so important to your church?
How do I join the church?
What are L.I.F.E. Groups?
How can I become involved in adult Choir or Orchestra?
What are the church office hours?
What are First Baptist beliefs?

What makes First Baptist unique?

Many have understood a Baptist Church by its common stereotypes, but we can assure you that the First family is not your stereotypical church. We are unique. We believe church should be fun and exciting, yet without compromising the truth of God's Word... the Bible.

We are a Christian evangelical church - a church whose primary purpose is to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The purpose of our church is to lead people to become obedient and reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ, as He commanded in Matthew 28:18-20.

We are a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. We also support and work with other churches to further the spreading of the Gospel to all the world.

If I have questions, who do I contact?

Jerry Royal Executive Pastor
Lowell Addy Pastor of Business Administration
Lewis Howard Pastor of Education
Rod Payne Pastor of Missions & Media
Dean Savage Pastor of Worship Ministries
Ben Prater Pastor of Contemporary Worship Ministries
Howard Chapman          Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care
Sam Midgett Student Pastor
Andrew Reilly  College Pastor
Sherrie Carter Director of Children's Ministries
Natalie Darland Special Events Coordinator
Dennis Neal
Adult Education Pastor

Brady Collier Campus Pastor - Church at Sheppard
Gary Ohmstede Campus Pastor - West Campus
Justin Bindel Church Plant Pastor - Utah
Brady Sharp Church Plant Pastor - Oklahoma

Why is church attendance and membership important?

Hebrews 10:23-25 "Let us hold fast to confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more, as you see the day drawing near." 

God wants His children to meet with other believers on a regular basis. He wants His people in church. The accountability and encouragement found in church fellowship anchors us against the tides that work to sweep us away. We can develop a network of relationships with other believers that works to ensure we don't abandon our faith when the pressure is on to do so. To neglect the regular assembling with other Christians is to miss out on this essential element in the development of our faith. 

Hebrews 10:22, "Let us draw near to God with a true heart in full assurance of faith." God desires a relationship with His children. By becoming active in a local church, you safeguard yourself against missing out on all that God has for you. Your participation in a local church protects your personal fellowship with God. When you drift away from the family of God, it is only a matter of time until you drift away from fellowship with God. Solomon said it this way: "He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed" Proverbs. 3:20. 

At First Baptist Church we believe that joining the church is a way to identify with a local body of believers. To become a part of a church family that encourages one another, stimulates one another in love and good deeds, spurs one another along and watches out for one another. As a church family we also... 

Fellowship better together! 
Grow better together! 
Serve better together! 
Worship better together! 
Reach out better together! 

Why is baptism so important to your church? 

The word "baptize" is a Greek term which means to dip, plunge, submerge or immerse. Baptism symbolizes the "Death", "Burial" and "Resurrection" of Christ. Baptism in its original form was a public observance where by a person was immersed for the sake of a religious decision. Baptism is a public confession that the "Believer" has died to the "old life" and risen to a "New Life". It symbolizes our death, burial, and resurrection with Christ. It expresses our union with Him. It is an act of obedience. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision to align ourselves with Jesus Christ. It is the Believer's declaration to the world that Christ is the standard by which he or she intends to live. It is a commitment or allegiance to a new way of life that is best summed up in the sentence "I am not ashamed.". 

Why should I be baptized First, because your Savior has commanded you to be. Mark 16:15-16. Secondly, because it is the mode prescribed for a public confession of your faith in Jesus Christ. Acts 8:36-37, 16:14-15, 27-33. Thirdly, because as a Believer you should connect yourself with some body of Believers and the door to such a connection is Baptism. Acts 2:41-42. 

How do I join the church?

First Baptist Church is a family of believers in Jesus Christ. You can become a member of First Baptist Church in one of four ways: 

  1. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and being baptized by immersion in a pool of water in our church as a sign of your faith in Christ. 
  2. If you have already accepted Jesus, but have not been baptized by immersion, you may come forward at the invitation time in our service and say you would like to be baptized. 
  3. Transfer of membership from another church that practices believer's baptism by immersion. A church that practices "believer's baptism" is one that... a. believes that baptism follows someone's decision to trust in Christ, b. believes baptism is a sign of our salvation, not a requirement for salvation, and c. baptizes by immersion rather than by sprinkling. 
  4. If you have trusted in Christ for salvation and have been baptized by immersion but never joined a church or are unsure where your membership is, you may join our church by simply saying that you are a Christian who has been baptized.

We encourage every member of First Baptist Church to attend Dinner with the Pastor which is for New Members and Guests (offered every six weeks). You can attend the class either before or after you come forward and present yourself for membership. Registration is required and child care is available upon registration.

When you are ready to join our church, you may come forward at the invitation time of our service. Our Pastor will meet you and answer any questions you may have about joining our congregation. 

What are L.I.F.E. Groups?

Learning. Involving. Fellowshipping. Evangelizing. - We believe these opportunities best take place with a group of friends. L.I.F.E. Groups exist to connect people to Christ through purposeful interaction with each other and involvement in ministry. L.I.F.E. Groups meet at 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 11:00a.m. plus 12:15 p.m. for College/Portico LIFE Group. 

In L.I.F.E. Groups we should... "Learn" to be more like Christ, "Involve" ourselves in ministry, "Fellowship" in meaningful relationships with others, and "Evangelize" those who don't know Christ. 

All of these are bridge building activities that unite us as the Body of Christ, the Church. Regardless of your age or stage in life there is a L.I.F.E. Group for you to enjoy here at First Baptist Church. Go to one of the Welcome Centers or the L.I.F.E. Group Directory to find a L.I.F.E. Group that fits you. 

How can I become involved in the adult Choir or Orchestra?

Who should I contact if I want to sing in the choir - Call the Music Office at 940.723.2764 or send in the online "Info" form located under Worship Choir on our website. 

Who should I contact if I want to play in the orchestra - Call the Music Office at 940.723.2764 or send in the online "Info" form located under Worship Orchestra on our website. 

Is there an audition for the choir or orchestra - There is no formal audition required for the adult choir, but the Minister of Music will have a brief interview to get to know you and to hear your voice for placement in the group. There is an audition required for the adult orchestra. Please contact the Music Office to set a time to meet and answer your questions. 

What are the church office hours?

The church office hours are: Monday thru Friday, 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.